Thelma Aoyama to Release New Single “In This Place~Futari no Kizuna”

On Janaury 16, Thelma Aoyama will release her new single, “In This Place~Futari no Kizuna.” The song serves as the ending theme for the Japanese release of the Disney film “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” Thelma wrote the lyrics and arranged the song. The single also include a Japanese version of the film’s original end song, Julia Michaels‘ “In This Place”, as well as a new song, “Konna ni mo.” Check out more information on Thelma’s new single below!

Limited Edition

青山テルマ「In This Place~2人のキズナ」初回限定盤盤ジャケット


Regular Edition

青山テルマ「In This Place~2人のキズナ」通常盤ジャケット

1. In This Place~2人のキズナ (In This Place~Futari no Kizuna)
2. In This Place (日本語バージョン) (In This Place (Japanese version))
3. こんなにも (Konna ni mo)
4. In This Place~2人のキズナ (Instrumental) (In This Place~Futari no Kizuna (Instrumental))
5. こんなにも (Instrumental) (Konna ni mo (Instrumental))

Limited Edition DVD
1. 一生仲間 (Music Video) (Isshou Nakama (Music Video))
2. 世界の中心~We are the world~ (Sekai no Chushin ~We are the world~ (Music Video))