THE YELLOW MONKEY to release their first new single in nearly 16 years

Though they reformed at the start of this year, veteran rock band THE YELLOW MONKEY will be releasing their first new single since 2001’s “Primal.” next week on October 19th.  Titled “Suna no Tou”, the lead track has been selected as the theme song for the drama of the same name, making it the first time that one of the group’s songs has been connected to a drama since “BURN” was tied to TBS’ “Shokuinshitsu” in 1997.

Ahead of the single’s release date, the band have published the music video for “Suna no Tou” to their official Youtube channel.  The PV features its own interpretation of the classic “red string of fate” motif, this storyline intercut with footage of THE YELLOW MONKEY performing the soaring mid-tempo track at a classy club.

You’ll find the single’s cover and track list, the PV for “Suna no Tou”, and a sampler of the remaining tracks on the release just beneath the cut.

-’Suna no Tou’ Track List-


  • Regular Edition
  1. Suna no Tou
  3. Suna no Tou -Instrumental-
  4. ALRIGHT -Instrumental-
  • Limited Edition (All Lives from “THE YELLOW MONKEY SUPER JAPAN TOUR 2016”)
  1. Suna no Tou
  3. Primal. -Live at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium-
  4. SPARK -Live at Nagano Big Hat-
  5. Barairo no Hibi -Live at Hiroshima Green Arena-
  6. BURN -Live at Sekisui Heim Super Arena-
  7. Rakuen -Live at Nippon Gaishi Hall-
  8. WELCOME TO MY DOGHOUSE -Live at Osaka-jo Hall-
  9. Hanafubuki -Live at Saitama Super Arena-
  10. BRILLIANT WORLD -Live at Marine Messe Fukouka-
  11. Kyuukon -Live at Kobe World Memorial Hall-
  12. TV no Singer -Live at Yokohama Arena-
  13. Pearl -Live at Azuma Gymnasium-
  14. Kanaria -Live at Sekisui Heim Ice Arena-

(via natalie & Rockin’on Japan)