THE Natsu no Mamono release MV for “Boku to Kimi no Rock ‘n’ Roll” featuring a new member

Entertainment unit THE Natsu no Mamono, formed by AOMORI ROCK FESTIVAL organizer Daichi Narita, just released the Music Video for the new track “Boku to Kimi no Rock ‘n’ Roll“, and it’s the first to feature new member Asakura Mizuho (ex Bellring Girls Heart). The video is mainly focused on the female members of the unit caught in their daily routine in Tokyo, alternated by scenes where the whole group is energetically performing live in a small venue, fitting the vibe brought by this lively Pop-rock number well.

With three lead singers, a gravure Idol, a wrestler, and I guess a few back singers (?) THE Natsu no Mamono is definitely one of the most… curious units out there. And this new MV surely represents these guys’ charisma successfully. Take a look at the video down here!

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