The fin. to Release First New Album in Over 3 Years

On March 14, The fin. will release their second album, “There.” This is the band’s first album since “Days With Uncertainty”, which was release in December 2014.

“There” was recorded in London, where the band is now based, at Dean Street Studios. “There” was produced by Bradley Spence, who has worked with the likes of Jamiroquai, Passenger, and Alt-J. Joe Lambert mastered The fin.’s new album, just as he did with their first.

“There” will come in a limited edition and a regular edition, with the limited edition including a zine chronicling a year in the life of The fin. in London.

The fin. recently released the music video for the moody track “Shedding.” They’ve released a video that is aesthetically in line with the song’s sound. Check it out below, along with more information on The fin.’s new album!

1. Chains
2. Pale Blue
3. Outskirts
4. Shedding
5. Afterglow
6. Missing
7. Height
8. Heat (It Covers Everything)
9. Vacant Sea
10. Through The Deep
11. Snow (again)
12. Late at Night
13. Alone in the Evening (1994)




Album teaser