Tamaki ROY to Release First New Album in 4 Years

On June 21, Tamaki ROY will release his new album, “Nagi.” This is the rapper’s first new album since April 2013’s “Lucky.” The album will feature production by the likes of Miura Koshi of Kuchiroro, Hasunuma Shuta, and Shingo Suzuki of Ovall. It will also feature Tamaki ROY’s collaboration with Taquwami and OBKR, “Yume no Ato.”

Ahead of the release of “Nagi”, Tamaki ROY will release a 7-inch vinyl single featuring two songs from the album. This release is titled “Offer [Single Version] / Medetai” and is out June 7.

The music video for “Offer” was recently released. It’s a play of light and shadow, on both Tamaki ROY and an intricate wood carving. Check it out below, along with more information on both of Tamaki ROY’s new releases!


1. あらすじ (Arasuji) (produced by Tamaki ROY)
2. Offer (produced by K.A.N.T.A)
3. 食パン (Shokupan) (produced by Shingo Suzuki)
4. はらり (Harari) (produced by Miura Koshi)
5. On&On (produced by K.A.N.T.A / chorus by Kobayashi Utena)
6. 都会の一枚の本 (Tokai no Ichimai no Hon) (produced by Takami ROY / drums by Yamamoto Akinori (LITE))
7. ことの次第 (Koto no Shidai) (produced by Daisuke Tanabe)
8. exchange//everything (produced by Ametsub)
9. ゆめのあと (Yume no Ato) (produced by Taquwami / guest vocal by OBKR)
10. フルコトブミ (Furukotobumi) (produced by Arμ-2)
11. めでたい (Medetai) (produced by Hasunuma Shuta / guitar & bass by Ishizuka Shuta / steelpan by Kobayashi Utena)


Offer [Single Version] / Medetai

1. Offer [Single Version]

1. めでたい (Medetai)


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