Tajima Takao and Nagaoka Ryosuke to Release Live Album

This past October and November, Tajima Takao, also known as ORIGINAL LOVE, was joined on tour by Nagaoka Ryosuke (also known as Ukigumo) of the band Petrolz. During this tour, the duo performed each other’s songs as well as covers of songs by Patsy Cline and The Everly Brothers. These shows were recorded and the resulting album is titled “SESSIONS”, out January 31.

“SESSIONS” will be in released in a limited edition and a regular edition. The limited edition is limited to 3000 copies and features a photobook shot by Matsumoto Naoya and Aratani Norma.

Check out more information on Tajima Takao and Nagaoka Ryosuke’s live album below!


1. ふたりソウルショウのテーマ (Futari Soul Show no Theme)
2. Let’s Go! (ORIGINAL LOVE)
3. 誰 (ペトロールズ) (Dare (Petrolz))
4. ハッピーバースデイソング (ORIGINAL LOVE) (Happy Birthday Song (ORIGINAL LOVE))
5. ASB (ペトロールズ) (ASB (Petrolz))
6. Million Secrets of Jazz (ORIGINAL LOVE)
7. 湖畔 (ペトロールズ) (Kohan (Petrolz)
8. Crazy (パッツィー・クライン) (Crazy (Patsy Cline))
9. フリーライド (ORIGINAL LOVE) (Free Ride (ORIGINAL LOVE) )
10. アンバー (ペトロールズ) (Amber (Petrolz))
12. Fuel (ペトロールズ) ( Fuel (Petrolz))
13. 希望のバネ (ORIGINAL LOVE) (Kibou no Bane (ORIGINAL LOVE))
14. Love Hurts (The Everly Brothers)