syrup16g unveil PV for “Ikiteiru Yori Mashi-sa”

Influential independent rock band syrup16g have uploaded the music video for their comeback track, ‘Ikiteiru Yori Mashi-sa’ to the official UK Project youtube channel.  ‘Ikiteiru Yori Mashi-sa’ is serving as the promotional song for the band’s first studio album in over 6 years.

The video finds the band performing the song in a series of dimly lit rooms and corridors, the performance inter-cut with footage of the band’s singer, Igarashi seemingly searching for the remainder of the group, taking a brief stop on the building’s roof before he finally finds them.

Check it out below the cut!

syrup16g’s 9th studio album, ‘Hurt’ is due out this week on August 27th, after which the band will embark on their ‘Hurt Release Memorial Tour “Saihatsu”‘.


  1. Share the light
  2. Ikareta HOLIDAYS
  3. Stop brain
  4. Yubikiri wo Shita no wa
  5. (You will) never dance tonight
  6. Kanashiki Shoegaze
  7. Mobuis Gate
  8. Ikiteiru Yori Mashi-sa
  9. Risouteki na Speed de
  10. Uchuu Yuuei
  11. Tabidachi no Uta

(via natalie)