Suzu brings the cup game to Japan with ‘LOVE TO YOU -by CUPS-‘

「LOVE TO YOU -by CUPS-」 is a new hit sensation by fairly new artist Suzu on sale August 20th. This killer tune’s summer melody employs the use of the sanshin, a traditional Okinawan instrumental similar to the banjo, as well as the cup game for its infectious percussion beat.

The cup game has been around for what feels like forever, but only recently it came back to relevance with the American movie ‘Pitch Perfect’. After seeing this film, Suzu was inspired and traveled to Sweden to collaborate with producer Erik Lidbom (EXILE, Arashi, PASSPO, MiChi) to create a series of covers using cups. Before she began working on original songs, she mastered the technique and performed it live.

The music video is very similar to Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups’. Suzu has draped a royal blue blanket over her body and wanders around a bizarre diner where she goes from table to table having fun with empty cups. Check it out the short version below.


  1. LOVE TO YOU -by CUPS-
  2. Okaeri
  3. Hikari no kata he
  4. Summer Queen
  5. LOVE TO YOU -by CUPS- (Instrumental)
  6. Okaeri (Instrumental)