Superfly to release a special single “Kuroi Shizuku & Coupling Songs: ‘Side B’”

It has been announced that Superfly will release her 20th single “Kuroi Shizuku & Coupling Songs: ‘Side B’” on December 2.

This special single is a three disc set: Disc 1 is her 20th single “Kuroi Shizuku”, Disc 2 is a B-side best album titled “Coupling Songs: ‘Side B’ and Disc 3 is a DVD with footage of her free live performance in Osaka earlier this year. Disc 3 will only be available on the first press edition.

Superfly has previously released “Wildflower & Cover Songs: Complete Best ‘Track 3′” in 2010, another 3-disc single to commemorate her 10th single since her debut.

Check out the release’s tracklist after the jump!

Disc.1(CD): 20th Single Kuroi Shizuku
01. Kuroi Shizuku
*Fuji TV Drama「Mutsuu〜Mieru Me」Tie-in
02. Title TBA
03. Title TBA
04. Beautiful(Live)『Superfly WHITE TOUR 2015』@Tokyo Kokusai Forum
05. On Your Side(Live)『Superfly WHITE TOUR 2015』@Tokyo Kokusai Forum

Disc.2(CD): Coupling Songs: ‘Side B’
01. Kodoku no Hyena
02. Rin
03. Ai to Kansha
04. Perfect Lie
05. Welcome To The Rockin’ Show
06. Rescue Me
07. Primadonna
08. Different Ways
09. I My Me Mine Mine
10. 28
11. Owarinaki Game
12. Toumei Ningen
13. Mangekyou
14. The Long Way Home
15. You You
16. Closet
17. Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo(Piano ver.)

Limited Edition only:
Disc.3(DVD): 5th Album “WHITE” Release Event Free Live@Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden
01. White Light
02. Tamashii Revolution
03. Alright!!
04. Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo
05. Bi-Li-Li Emotion
06. Manifesto
07. Ai wo Karada ni Fukikonde
08. Beautiful
En1. On Your Side
En2. You You

(via Superfly net)