Spitz’s first new song in a year-and-a-half to be used as a drama theme

Veteran pop-rock band Spitz have recently announced that their new song “Yukikaze” (“Windblown Snow”) has been picked as the ending theme for TV Tokyo drama “Fuben na Benriya”.  In addition, the group has also confirmed that the track will be released digitally on iTunes and Recochoku this coming week on April 15th.

“Fuben na Benriya” stars actor Suzuki Kosoke as Matsui Hideo, a man who works as a ‘benriya’, or a person akin to a jack-of-all-trades that picks up whatever odd jobs they can, in a small village located in Hokkaido.  Over the course of the drama, Suzuki will be joined at his workplace by down on his luck divorcee Umemoto Souichi (Endo Kenichi) and young screenwriter Takeyama Jun (Okada Masaki), the experiences of all three male leads coming to influence each other.

You’ll find a short snippet of “Yukikaze” right after the jump, and please look forward to the song’s full release next week.

(via natalie)