Spitz to release New Album “Mikke” in October

Popular rock band Spitz have just announced that they will be releasing a new full-length album titled “Mikke” on October 9th. This release comes fully three years after the group’s previous longplay, “Samenai”, and is set to include both their recently released single “Yasashii Ano Ko” and 11 new songs for a total of 12.

“Mikke” will be released in six versions: a Regular CD-Only Edition, an Analog Edition which includes a bonus track, a Limited Edition which includes a DVD/Blu-ray containing both the era’s music videos and an off-shot video shot in France, and the band’s special Fan-club – “Spitzbergen” – Edition which will come packaged with that same DVD/Blu-ray, with additional behind-the-scenes footage, and a bonus live CD from their 2018 “GO! GO! Scandinavia vol. 7” concert.

Read on below to find not only the complete track list for “Mikke”, but also the full music video for “Yasashii Ano Ko”.

-’Mikke’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Mikke
  2. Yasashii Ano Ko
  3. Arigatosan
  4. Radio Days
  5. Hana to Mushi
  6. Booby
  7. Kaisoku
  8. YM71D
  9. Hagure Ookami
  10. Magatta Boku no Shippo
  11. Shoka no Hi
  12. Yamabuki
  13. Blanket -Bonus Track- (Analog, Limited, and Spitzbergen Editions Only)
  • DVD (Limited & Spitzbergen Editions Only)
  1. Arigatosan -Music Video-
  2. Yasashii Ano Ko -Music Video-
  3. Mikke -Music Video-
  4. Off-Shot Movie in FRANCE
  5. Arigatosan -Music Video Making Of- & Member Messages (Spitzbergen Edition Only)
  • Live CD (Spitzbergen Edition Only)
  1. Funanori -Live-
  2. Enishi -Live-
  3. Akasatana -Live-
  4. Hachi no Hari -Live-
  5. MC 1
  6. Indigo Chiheisen -Live-
  7. Bavarois -Live-
  8. MC 2
  9. Koi no Vacance -Live-
  10. Momo -Live-
  11. Sunshine -Live-
  12. Yamabuki (GO! Sca Version) -Live-

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