Spangle call Lilli line to Release New Album “Dreams Never End”

Spangle call Lilli line is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary. As part of this celebration, they will release a new album, “Dreams Never End”, on January 9. This is Spangle call Lilli line’s first album since November 2015’s “ghost is dead.” Co-produced by Kanda Tomoki, the album features various sound of the 80s, including a New Order influence. Spangle call Lilli line believes that this album is a true culmination of 20 years of work. Check out more information on the album below!

Spangle call Lilli line「Dreams Never End」ジャケット

1. red
2. lay low
3. so as not to
4. still three
5. touei
6. sai
7. toss out it
8. give each other space
9. mio
10. tesla
11. therefore (Bonus Track)