Sonar Pocket Releases “My Honey” Music Video

Three-member group Sonar Pocket has released the music video for their latest song “My Honey”. The song is from their upcoming 5th studio album “Sonapokeism 5 -Egao no Riyu.-“, scheduled to be released on February 25. The music video follows the usual story-themed videos of the group, and “My Honey” PV focuses on a couple and follows them up until their wedding day.

Check out Sonar Pocket’s light-hearted video and album information below.

CD Tracklist

  1. My Honey
  3. Shuyaku wa Kimi (You are the Hero)
  4. ai
  5. Niji (Rainbow)
  6. X’mas Love Story.
  7. Modoranai Love Story. (Never-Returning Love Story)
  8. chain of smile
  9. Seventh Heaven (eyeron Solo)
  10. Dare Yori Mo Ganbatteru Kimi He (ko-dai Solo)
  11. Saishuu Densha ~missing you~ (The Last Train ~missing you~)
  12. Egao no Riyuu (Reason for the Smile)
  13. Haru (Spring) (CD Only Edition Bonus Track)

DVD Tracklist

  1. X’mas Love Story. (Music Video)
  2. ai (Music Video)
  3. Saishuu Densha ~missing you~ (Music Video)
  4. Egao no Riyuu (Music Video)
  5. Modoranai Love Story. (Music Video)
  6. My Honey (Music Video)
  7. Anna Koto Kara, Konna Koto Made?! Izakaya Gachinko Bakushou Talk with Jungle Pocket (From That Thing, To This Thing?! Pub Gachinko Hilarious Talk with Jungle Pocket)