Shishido Kavka Releases Lesbian-Themed “Asa Made sugar me” PV

On April 27, Shishido Kavka will release her new album, “Toridori.” This is her first album since her debut album, “Kavkanize”, which was released in September 2013. Like her mini album last year, “K5”, “Toridori” features a slew of collaborators, including Kameda Seiji, Tsutaya Koichi, and Saito Kazuyoshi.

Kavka has now released the music video for the album’s fourth track, “Asa Made sugar me.” The song was written by Seiko Oomori and composed and arranged by Okuno Shinya of Soul Flower Union. Seiko also sings the song’s chorus. Both the song’s lyrics and music video have a lesbian theme. Check it out after the jump, along with more information on the album!





CD only

1. Obertura (Produced by (Matsumoto Akihiko)
2. Get up! (Produced by Tsutaya Koichi)
3. さようなら あたし (Sayonara Atashi) (Produced by Kameda Seiji)
4. 朝までsugar me (Asa Made sugar me) (Produced by Okuno Shinya)
5. crying (Produced by Oda Tetsuro)
6. Don’t be love – feat.斉藤和義 (Saito Kazuyoshi) (Produced by Saito Kazuyoshi)
7. 明日を鳴らせ (Ashita wo Narase) ( Produced by Hirade Satoru)
8. Spider trap (Produced by Okuno Shinya)
9. ROLLING ROLLING (Produced by Oshima Kenji)
10. 特別な人 (Tokubetsu na Hito) ( Produced by K.MASAKI)
11. バネのうた – feat.甲本ヒロト (Bane no Uta – feat. Komoto Hiroto) (Produced by Oshima Kenji)
12. 最低な夜のあと (Saitei na Yoru no Ato) (Produced by Onishi Shogo)
13. 春の約束 (Haru no Yakusoku) (Produced by Kameda Seiji)

Blu-ray /DVD
1. 朝までsugar me (Asa Made sugar me) (Video Clip)
2. Get up! (Video Clip)
3. “ミディアム・レア (Medium Layer) at Zepp Tokyo 2015.09.05” Live Video




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