Shiina Ringo and Miyamoto Hiroji Join Forces for “Kemono Yuku Hosomichi”

It was recently announced that Shiina Ringo’s new song “Kemono Yuku Hosomichi” would be the new theme song for Nippon TV’s news program “news zero” as of October 1. Ringo said that the song was a collaboration, but she didn’t reveal who with. When “Kemono Yuku Hosomichi” debuted on today’s episode, it was revealed that the song is a duet with Elephant Kashimashi’s Miyamoto Hiroji.

While writing “Kemono Yuku Hosomichi”, Ringo realized that it lent itself well to Hiroji, leading her work with him for the first time. She also thought it would just be fun for the two of them to collaborate.

“Kemono Yuku Hosomichi” is set for digital release on October 2. Ringo has now released the video for the song, which can be seen below, along with the digital single’s cover!