Sakanaction to Release Recut Single

Sakanaction released “834.194”, their first studio album in six years, last month. Two of the album’s songs, “Wasurerarenai no” and “Moth”, will be released together as a recut single on August 21. Both songs were inspired by the 1980s, and in keeping with that theme, “Wasurerarenai no / Moth” will be released in the then-popular 8cm CD format. The single will be available in a limited edition of 10,000 copies due to manufacturing capabilities.

“Moth” serves as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama “Lupin no Musume”, which premieres July 11. It marks the first time that the band has made a Fuji TV drama theme since 2013, when “Music” was the theme song for “dinner.” Sakanaction frontman Yamaguchi Ichiro said he was honored to be in charge of the theme song for “Lupin no Musume”, saying with a laugh that he did a “guts pose (fist pump)” when he found out it was a drama starring Fukada Kyoko.

Sakanaction has now released the music video for “Moth.” The video’s main star is a cocoon, out of which something develops. See what that something is below!

サカナクション「忘れられないの / モス」表ジャケット
サカナクション「忘れられないの / モス」裏ジャケット