RHYMESTER to Release New Single “Mic no Hosomichi”

On June 14, RHYMESTER will release their new single, “Mic no Hosomichi.” The song serves as the opening theme for the TV Tokyo drama “SR Saitama no Rapper ~Mic no Hosomichi~.” This tie-in came about after the group met with the drama’s writer / director Irie Yu. The music video for “Mic no Hosomichi” was recently released and it features RHYMESTER in scenes of nature such as the forest and the shore. Check it out after the jump, along with more information on their new single!

1. マイクの細道 (Mic no Hosomichi)
2. マイクの細道 (SR Remix) feat. SHO-GUNG (Mic no Hosomichi (SR Remix) feat. SHO-GUNG)
3. マイクの細道 (Mic no Hosomichi) (Instrumental)
4. マイクの細道 (Mic no Hosomichi) (Acapella)

1. マイクの細道 Music Video (Mic no Hosomichi Music Video)