Rapper GOMESS releases first album ‘Love’

Today Rapper GOMESS released his first full album ‘Love.’

Born in 1994 from Shizuoka, GOMESS writes and freestyles his own lyrics and was runner-up in the BAZOOKA!!! High School rap championship.

Within his local scene, he attracted attention as “a rapper living with autism” with his song “Ningen Shikkaku” (Incapacitated Human). His honest lyrics resounded with listeners as he detailed his hardships and the prejudice he faces everyday.

Love Track List

  1. 普通のことができないから feat. 緑川マリナ
  2. ゴメスティック・バイオレンス
  3. 雨傘
  4. 路上戦争 feat. Leo(The John’s Guerrilla)
  5. 遺書
  6. 月光 feat. Paranel
  7. バースデー
  8. 伝説 feat. daoko
  9. 人間失格
  10. 笑えてた feat. Paranel