Pirokalpin Unveil Understated Music Video for “Wonder World”

Three-piece rock band Pirokalpin just released their second major album “a new philosophy” this week on May 13th.  In support of this new record the band have published the PV for its lead track “Wonder World” to their official Youtube channel.

This music video focuses on the band performing the song in the dark of night, supported only by a small pavilion of lights.  The unique setting allows the PV to play with shadows and silhouettes to great effect and provides an engaging and intriguing visual experience.

You’ll find the full music video for “Wonder World”, as well as the track list for “a new philosophy” just beneath the cut, so stick around a little bit longer.

-’a new philosophy’ Track List-

  1. BE FREE
  2. Hakoniwa no Sekai
  3. Wonder World
  4. Minami Jujisei
  5. Kimi ni Mahou
  6. Nami no Ne
  7. Yume Kara Sameta Yume
  8. Mystery Tour
  9. Kuroi Amagasa
  10. Yuyami no Hoshi
  11. Natsu no Daisan Kakumei
  12. Good-Bye Aquarium

(via natalie)