Passepied to Release New Mini Album “Neon to Tora”

On April 4, Passepied will release their new mini album, “Neon to Tora.” This is the band’s first release since their mini album “OTONARI-san” last October. In the months since that release, Passepied feels as if they’ve progressed, leading to a more new wave sound on “Neon to Tora.”

“Neon to Tora” will be released in three editions. The limited edition will include a bag, while the regular edition is CD only. The fanclub edition includes a t-shirt.

To promote their new mini album, Passepied has released music videos for the first two tracks on “Neon to Tora”, as well as a digest for it. Check them out below, along with more information on this release!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition


1. ネオンと虎 (Neon to Tora)
2. マッカメッカ (Macca Mecca)
3. Matinée
4. かくれんぼ (Kakurenbo)
5. トビウオ (Tobiuo)
6. オレンジ (Orange)
6. 恐るべき真実 (Osoru Beki Shinjitsu)




Neon to Tora


Macca Mecca