Orisaka Yuta to Release First New Album in 3 Years

On October 6, Orisaka Yuta will release his new album, “Shinri.” This album comes almost exactly three years since his previous one, October 2018’s “Heisei.”

Yuta began working on his new album in the winter of 2019, but stopped the following April due to the COVID-19 state of emergency. During this break, he reviewed the album’s songs, and decided to remake them, both in terms of vocals and production.

“Shinri” sees Yuta collaborating with the American saxophonist Sam Gendel, as well as the Korean singer Lee Lang. In conjuction with the release of the album, Yuta has released a music video for his collaboration with Sam, “Homura.” He has also released “Shinri” in its entirety on YouTube. Listen to it below!



  1. 爆発 (Bakuhatsu)
  2. 心 (Kokori)
  3. トーチ (Torch)
  4. 悪魔 (Akuma)
  5. nyunen
  6. 春 (Haru)
  7. 鯱 (Shachihoko)
  8. 荼毘 (Dabi)
  9. 炎 feat. Sam Gendel (Homura feat. Sam Gendel)
  10. 星屑 (Hoshikuzu)
  11. kohei
  12. 윤슬 (ユンスル) feat. イ・ラン (Yunsuru feat. Lee Lang)
  13. 鯨 (Kujira)

Limited Edition DVD
・折坂悠太単独公演2021<<<うつつ>>>2021年6月4日(金) 東京・USEN STUDIO COAST Live & Tour Document (Orisaka Yuta Tandoku Koen 2021<<<Utsutsu>>>2021/6/4 Tokyo・USEN STUDIO COAST Live & Tour Document)

  1. 春 (Haru)
  2. 心 (Kokoro)
  3. 芍薬 (Shakuyaku)
  4. 朝顔 (Asagao)
  5. トーチ (Torch)
  6. のこされた者のワルツ (Nokosa Reta Mono no Waltz)
  7. 鶫 (つぐみ) (Tsugumi)
  8. 轍 (Wadachi)
  9. 鯱 (Shachihoko)
  10. 炎 (Homura)
  11. よるべ (Yoru be)
  12. 坂道 (Sakamichi)

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