Nothing’s Carved In Stone reveal surprisingly colorful Music Video for “Gravity”

Talented rock band Nothing’s Carved In Stone have just published the PV for their new song “Gravity” to Sony Music Japan’s official Youtube channel.  The video features fog and various colored strobe lights intercut with both footage of the band performing and the silhouette of a beautiful woman.

“Gravity” is the lead track off of the band’s new single set to release on January 14th of the new year, the release also set to include one B-side song and several live recordings from the final performance of their recent “Strangers In Heaven Tour”.  Nothing’s Carved In Stone will also simultaneously release the Live DVD from said tour, titled “No Longer Strangers” on the same day.

Check out the music video for “Gravity” and the track lists for both releases right after the jump!

-’Gravity’ Track List-

  1. Gravity
  3. Three Selected Tracks from “Strangers In Heaven Tour” FINAL 2014.10.25 at Zepp Namba (Limited Edition Only)
  • Out of Control
  • Inside Out
  • Shimmer Song

-’No Longer Strangers’ Track List-

“Strangers In Heaven Tour” 2014.10.24 at Zepp Tokyo

  1. Chimera no Yoru
  2. 7th Floor
  3. Shibame Crimson
  4. Brotherhood
  5. Spirit Inspiration
  6. Crying Skull
  7. What’s My Satisfaction
  8. (as if it’s) A Warning
  9. Out of Control
  10. November 15th
  11. Sekkei Nite
  12. Midnight Train
  13. Pride
  14. Hakuchuu
  15. Idols
  16. Kirameki no Hana
  17. Isolation
  18. Around the Clock
  19. Shimmer Song


  1. (as if it’s) A Warning [Multi-Angle Video] (from Zepp Tokyo)


Music Video Collection

  1. Out of Control
  2. Assassin
  3. Shibame Crimson
  4. Brotherhood
  5. Shimmer Song

(via Rockin’on Japan)