Nishino Kana to Release New Single “I Love You”

On April 18, Nishino Kana will release her new single, “I Love You.” This is Kana’s first release since her album “LOVE it” last November. Kana’s new single serves as the theme song for the movie “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun”, which will debut in theaters on April 27. Kana’s 2010 song “Best Friend” is also used in the movie as an insert song. This is the first time that multiple Kana songs have been used in a single movie.

Kana recently released the music video for “I Love You.” In it, she sits on the passenger side of a car, changing outfits as the seasons change. This represents the journey that she is taking with the person she is singing the song to.

Check out more information on Kana’s new single below!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition


1. アイラブユー (I Love You)
2. 友だち (Tomodachi)
3. P・O・P
4. アイラブユー (Instrumental) (I Love You (Instrumental))

1. Behind the scenes of “アイラブユー” Photo Session (Behind the scenes of “I Love You” Photo Session)


I Love You