Negicco Team Up with Hitomitoi and PARKGOLF for “Gozen 0-ji no Sympathy”

Negicco is currently celebrating their 17th anniversary! As part of this celebration, the trio will release a new single, “Gozen 0-ji no Sympathy”, on August 25. The song is a collaboration with Hitomitoi and PARKGOLF, with her in charge of the lyrics, the two of them in charge of the composition, and him handling the arrangement.

Negicco recently released the music video for “Gozen 0-ji no Sympathy.” In keeping with the late night theme of the song, the video was shot at night in Yokohama. Check it out below!

Negicco 3曲入りマキシシングルリリース! リード曲は一十三十一プロデュース。 | T-Palette Records Official Blog
  1. 午前0時のシンパシー (Gozen 0 Ji no Sympathy)
  2. さかさま (Sakasama)
  3. Sneakers!!!
  4. 午前0時のシンパシー (Gozen 0 Ji no Sympathy) (inst)
  5. さかさま (Sakasama) (inst)
  6. Sneakers!!! (inst)