Nanba Shiho Collaborates with Fukunaga Kohei of Ame no Parade, Tsuno Maisa of Akai Koen, and More on New Mini Album

On December 7, Nanba Shiho will release her new mini album, “Dramatic e.p.” This release sees her working with a number of artists behind the scenes including Fukunaga Kohei of Ame no Parade, Tsuno Maisa of Akai Koen, YeYe, and more. Shiho even co-wrote and co-composed one of the songs on the mini album. She recently released the music video for the opening track on “Dramatic e.p”, “Getsuyou 9-ji no Omamagoto.” This track is Shiho’s collaboration with Maisa. Check out the video below, along with more information on the mini album!


1. 月曜9時のおままごと (Getsuyou 9-ji no Omamagoto)
[作詞・作曲:津野米咲 (Lyrics / Composition: Tsuno Maisa)]

2. プールサイド (Poolside)
[作詞・作曲:YeYe (Lyrics / Composition: YeYe)]

3. セピア (Sepia)
[作詞:南波志帆 / 作曲:THE CHARM PARK、URU、南波志帆 (Lyrics: Nanba Shiho / Composition: THE CHARM PARK, URU, Nanba Shiho)]

4. 華胥の夢 (Kasho no Yume)
[作詞:フレネシ / 作曲:ショック太郎 (Lyrics: Frenesi / Composition: Shock Taro)]

5. polar express
[作詞: fifi leger、THE CHARM PARK / 作曲:THE CHARM PARK (Lyrics: fifi leger, THE CHARM PARK / Composition: THE CHARM PARK)]

6. City Lights
[作詞・作曲:福永浩平 (Lyrics / Composition: Fukunaga Kohei)]