Nagisa Kuroki to release her fourth Album “Shinizokonai no Parade” in July

Singer/songwriter Nagisa Kuroki has revealed that she will be releasing her fourth full-length album on July 7th. This record, titled “Shinizokonai no Parade”, comes just over a year-and-a-half after the release of her previous album “Lemon no Toge”.

“Shinizokonai no Parade” will include Kuroki’s previously released tracks “Da Capo” and “Take”, plus six new songs for a total of eight. The album is to be issued in three versions, with the Limited Edition A & B each to include a DVD which contains a different live show.

Read on below to find the cover and complete track list for “Shinizokonai no Parade”.

-‘Shinizokonai no Parade’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Kokoro ga Yes to Itta nara
  2. Take
  3. Monroe
  4. Awase Kagami
  5. Zou ni Fumarete mo
  6. Da Capo
  7. Atashi no Shinzou Ageru (midnight ver.)
  8. Shinizokonai no Parade
  • DVD 1 (Limited Edition A Only)
  1. Fuzaken na Sekai, Fuzakero yo -Live-
  2. Almond -Live-
  3. Utsukushii Horobikata -Live-
  4. Atashi no Shinzou Ageru -Live-
  5. Rock Musician no Tame no Etude Dai-0 Gakushou -Live-
  6. Caldera -Live-
  • DVD 2 (Limited Edition B Only)
  1. Lemon no Toge -Live-
  2. Edison -Live-
  3. Picasso -Live-
  4. Kumari -Live-
  5. Da Capo -Live-
  6. Caldera -Live-
  7. Fuzaken na Sekai, Fuzakero yo -Live-
  8. Hone -Live-

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