Nagisa Kuroki to release her first New Album in 4 Years

Singer/songwriter Nagisa Kuroki has announced that she will be releasing a new studio album titled “Lemon no Toge” on October 9th. This will be her first such release since 2015’s “Jiyuu Ritsu”, and her first since returning from hiatus.

“Lemon no Toge” will include Kuroki’s previously released tracks “Fuzaken na Sekai, Fuzakero yo”, “Kaihoku e no Tabi”, and “Hi no Tori”, plus seven new songs for a total of ten. The record will be released in three different versions, with the Limited Edition A to include a DVD containing footage from her first post-hiatus live, and the Limited Edition B to be packaged with a special comic-style essay which was hand-drawn by Kuroki herself.

Read on below to find the cover and track list for “Lemon no Toge”, as well as a live performance of Kuroki’s track “Hula Hoop”.

-’Lemon no Toge’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Fuzaken na Sekai, Fuzakero yo
  2. Utsukushii Horobi-kata
  3. Rock Musician no Tame no Etude Dai-0 Gakushou
  4. Lemon no Toge
  5. Sick
  6. Higanbana
  7. Genten Kaiki
  8. Hi no Tori
  9. Tiger
  10. Kaihoku e no Tabi
  • DVD (Limited Edition A Only)
  2. Kingyo Hime -Live-
  3. Dai Yogen -Live-
  4. Kaihoku e no Tabi -Live-
  5. Hula Hoop -Live-
  6. Hi no Tori -Live-

(via natalie)