Mukai Taichi Teams Up with SALU for “Sora” PV

On November 29, Mukai Taichi will release his debut album, “BLUE.” The album will feature a slew of collaborations, featuring names such as BACHLOGIC, grooveman Spot, Kai Takahashi of LUCKY TAPES, and starRo.

Earlier today, Taichi released the music video for the song “Sora.” The song features SALU and is co-produced by mabanua. The song is a play on opposites, two sides of the same coin. Taichi sings from the point of view of someone who dreams of being an artist, while SALU raps as someone who has suffered due to his art. Taichi’s scenes take place during a bright, sunny day, in opposition to SALU’s dark, rainy night setting.

Check out the video below, along with the more information on “BLUE”, including the video for the MONJOE & MIRU of yahyel / Soushi it co-production “Can’t Wait Anymore.”

1. 楽園 (Rakuen)
2. FLY
3. Can’t Wait Anymore
4. Lost & Found
5. Great Yard
7. 空 feat. SALU (Sora feat. SALU)
8. 眠らない街 (Nemuranai Machi)
9. Conditional
0. Teenage
1. ONE

Bonus Tracks
1. 君にキスして (Kimi ni Kiss Shite)


Sora feat. SALU


Can’t Wait Anymore



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