Mukai Taichi Links Up with CrazyBoy for “99′”

On May 11, Mukai Taichi will release his fifth album, “ANTIDOTE.” This is his first album since April 2021’s “COLORLESS.” The album will feature the previously released songs “Celebrate!”, “Bravest”, and “Special Seat.”

“ANTIDOTE” sees Taichi working with multiple producers, including CELSIOR COUPE, NOIZEWAVE, and TAAR. The album also sees him working with T.Kura of Giant Swing Productions for the song “99′.”

Ahead of the release of “ANTIDOTE”, Taichi has released the music video for “99′.” The song sees Taichi collaborating with Sandaime J Soul Brothers member CrazyBoy. The video has a club setting, with the two enjoying a night out with Taichi’s friends. Taichi even gets in a bit of choreography, while CrazyBoy drinks a bottle of Hennessy. Check it out below!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition


  1. Special Seat
  2. Pretty Little Freak
  3. Bravest
  4. ライアーライアー (Liar Liar)
  5. Celebrate!
  6. 99’ feat. CrazyBoy
  7. Candy
  8. YES
  9. Glitter Box
  10. Yellow Rose
  11. Portal

Limited Edition Blu-ray
COLORLESS TOUR 2021 at Zepp DiverCity

  1. Love Is Life
  2. Ups & Downs
  4. HERO
  5. 僕のままで (Boku no Mama de)
  6. Don’t Lie
  8. Great Yard
  9. ICBU
  10. Answer
  11. Get Loud
  12. 空 (Sora)
  13. Colorless