Ling Tosite Sigure announces best album and new single

On January 14, Ling Tosite Sigure is set to simultaneously release their first best album and their fifth single. The best album is titled “Best of Tornado” while the new single is titled “Who What Who What.” “Best of Tornado” will be released in 3 editions while “Who What Who What” will be released in a CD+DVD version only. More information on the single is soon to be released but we do have more information on the best album.

The 3 editions of the best are the 2CD+DVD “Hyper Tornado Edition”, the 2CD+DVD “Tornado Edition”, and the CD only regular edition. The “Hyper Tornado Edition” and the “Tornado Edition” both come with a DVD of the band’s music videos as well as a second CD containing the tracks from “#3”, Ling Tosite Sigure’s 2004 mini album. “#3” was only previously available at the band’s live shows before their major label debut with the album “#4.” This second CD will also contain some recordings from a 2006 live show at Shinjuku LOFT.

The “Hyper Tornado Edition” will also come with a special 100 page booklet containing concert photos, off-shots, pictures frontman TK took in London, and a history of the band told by its members. All of this will be housed in a special box.

Best of Tornado – Hyper Tornado Edition

Ling Tosite Sigure "Best of Tornado" Hyper Tornado Edition jacket


Best of Tornado – Tornado Edition

Ling Tosite Sigure "Best of Tornado" Tornado Edition jacket


Best of Tornado – Regular Edition

Ling Tosite Sigure "Best of Tornado" Regular Edition jacket


1. JPOP Xfile

2. Telecastic fake show

3. abnormalize

4. illusion is mine

5. 想像のSecurity (Souzou no Security) (2015 mix)


7. moment A rhythm (short ver.)

8. Beautiful Circus

9. I was music

10. 鮮やかな殺人 (Azayaka na Satsujin) (2015 mix)

11. テレキャスターの真実 (Telecaster no Shinjitsu) (2015 mix)

12. nakano kill you (2015 mix)

13. Enigmatic Feeling (2015 mix)

14. Missing ling

15. 傍観 (Boukan)


CD 2 (Hyper Tornado / Tornado Editions only)

From “#3”

1. テレキャスターの真実 (Telecaster no Shinjitsu)

2. 赤い誘惑 (Akai Yuuwaku)

3. Sergio Echigo

4. 傍観 (Boukan)

Plus live recordings from a 2006 Shinjuku LOFT live show


DVD (Hyper Tornado / Tornado Editions only)

1. Sadistic Summer

2. 想像のSecurity (Souzou no Security)


4. Telecastic fake show

5. JPOP Xfile

6. I was music

7. illusion is mine

8. abnormalize

9. Beautiful Circus

10. Metamorphose

11. Enigmatic Feeling



Who What Who What

Ling Tosite Sigure "Who What Who What" jacket