Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Releases Info on Her New Single

On September 2, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will release her new single, “Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushuu~.” It is a Halloween-themed song. It serves as the theme for her upcoming tour “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu JAPAN HALL TOUR ‘Crazy Party Night 2015’.” The single’s B-sides have tie-ins as well. The first B-side, “No No No”, is the CM song for Glico’s Ice no Mi. Next comes “Oshiete Dance Floor”, which was used in a commercial for Sharp Aquos 4K televisions. The last B-side is “Kimama”, which is the CM song for Nintendo 3DS game “Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori.”

The limited edition of the single comes with a DVD featuring footage from a special live from this past April that was filmed by NHK. It was filmed in 8K Super Hi-Vision.

The covers for this single were designed by Steve Nakamura. They feature Kyary as a toy. See them after the jump along with the single’s tracklist and the commercials mentioned above!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. Crazy Party Night ~ぱんぷきんの逆襲~ (Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushuu~)
2. No No No
3. おしえてダンスフロア (Oshiete Dance Floor)
4. きまま (Kimama)
5. Crazy Party Night  ~ぱんぷきんの逆襲~ (Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushuu~) -instrumental-
6. No No No -instrumental-
7. おしえてダンスフロア (Oshiete Dance Floor) -instrumental-
8. きまま (Kimama) -instrumental-

Limited Edition DVD
“Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ~Himitsu no Sweet Powder Room~”
2. もんだいガール (Mondai Girl)
3. チェリーボンボン (Cherry Bonbon)
4. do do pi do


CM featuring “No No No”


CM featuring “Oshiete Dance Floor”


CM featuring “Kimama”