Kou Shibasaki Releases Short PV for Her Shiina Ringo Collaboration

As previously reported, Kou Shibasaki will release her new single “Yasei no Doumei” on November 25. The song is a collaboration with Shiina Ringo, who wrote, composed, and arranged it. “Yasei no Doumei” serves as the theme song for the new season of the TV Asahi drama “Kasouken no Onna”, which premiered on October 15.

This single will have 2 B-sides: “Memento Diary” and “Ai to Smile Ai to Smile.” “Memento Diary” sees Kou collaborating with androp’s Uchisawa Takahito once again. “Ai to Smile Ai to Smile” serves as the theme song for the TV Saitama show “AI to TOZ no LOVE Hataraku Taiso.”

Today, Kou released the short music video for “Yasei no Doumei.” It can be seen after the jump, along with more information on her new single!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. 野性の同盟 (Yasei no Doumei)
2. メメントダイアリー (Memento Diary)
3. 愛とスマイル愛とスマイル (Ai to Smile Ai to Smile)
4. 野性の同盟 (Yasei no Doumei) Instrumental
5. メメントダイアリー (Memento Diary) Instrumental
6. 愛とスマイル愛とスマイル (Ai to Smile Ai to Smile) Instrumental

Limited Edition DVD
1. 野性の同盟 (Yasei no Doumei) (Music Video)
2. 野性の同盟 (Yasei no Doumei) (Lyric Video)
3. ザ・プロフェッショナル~MV「野性の同盟」の世界 (The Professional ~ MV “Yasei no Doumei” no Sekai)


Yasei no Doumei


Ai to Smile Ai to Smile (clip)