KOHH Announces New Mixtape

On June 30, KOHH will release the third mixtape of his “YELLOW T△PE” series. “YELLOW T△PE 3” will have 24 tracks. It will include some old songs as well as some new songs. Among the old songs are several tracks with have featured KOHH, such as Keith Ape’s “It G Ma”, DJ SOULJAH’s “aaight”, ANARCHY’s “Moon Child”, and the remix of AKLO’s “Break the Records.” Among the new songs on “YELLOW T△PE 3” are a song by his brother LIL KOHH and a freestyle over tofubeats’ “Drum Machine.” Another one of the new songs is “Mainichi da na.” Today, KOHH released the music video for the song. It’s a simple video featuring him recording the song.

Today, KOHH is also releasing altered versions of the 2 previous “YELLOW T△PE” mixtapes. These are being released as part of a “Complete Collection” series, even though they have shorter tracklists than the original mixtapes.

Check out the covers and tracklists for these 3 releases plus the music video for “Mainichi da na” after the jump!



1. Keith Ape – It G Ma ft. JayAllday, loota, Okasian, KOHH
2. HIROI SEKAI – KOHH, J $tash, Young Sachi
3. J $tash – Hood Rich feat. KOHH
4. Paris
5. 結局地元 feat. Y’s (Kekkyoku Jimoto  feat. Y’s)
6. 東京 (Tokyo)
7. 全部余裕 (Zenbu Yoyuu)
8. 周り全部がいい (Mawari Zenbu ga ii)
9. 毎日だな (Mainichi da na)
10. tofubeats – Drum Machine (Freestyle)
11. YungGucciMane – OG Trap Soma (Freestyle)
12. 10 匹でも足りない (10 Hiki Demo Tarinai)
13. LORD8ERZ – TROY feat. KOHH, 三島 (Mishima), RAW-T
14. AKLO – Break the Records (Remix) feat. KOHH & 漢 (Kan)
15. Fuck Swag (Remix) feat. ANARCHY, 般若 (Hannya)
16. ANARCHY – Moon Child feat. KOHH
17. 般若 – 家族 feat. KOHH (Hannya – Kazoku feat. KOHH)
18. 俺みたいにはなるな (Ore Mitai ni wa Naru na)
19. LIL KOHH – 高校 (Koukou)
20. 落書き feat. Y’s (Rakugaki feat Y’s)
21. DJ SOULJAH ft. KOHH & MARIA (SIMI LAB) – aaight
22. Iiko
23. どうでもいい (Dou Demo ii)
24. MoMA


Mainichi da na


It G Ma




Break the Records (Remix)


Fuck Swag (Remix)


Moon Child






KOHH Complete Collection 1

1. V12 feat.MONY HORSE
2. Uncommon (Remix)
3. LIL KOHH – Young Forever
4. Fly Boy Life
5. SALU – Stand Hard (Remix)
6. I Don’t Know
7. Certified
8. Family
9. A & N feat.Y’ s
10. Dick in a Pussy
11. Hair Cut
12. Tomareranai – JOE IRON feat. Kohh, Steelo & Yuki aka Juto
13. This is How We Do it
14. Tatt on
15. Super Star
16. LIL KOHH – Young Forever (王子第一小 (Oji Daiichi Sho) Remix) feat. 久能 (Kuno), COBY (Album Only Bonus Track)


KOHH Complete Collection 2

1.  あいつ (Aitsu)
2. iPhone5
3. iPhone5 (WATAPACHI Remix)
4. Junji Takada
5. Junji Takada (HABANERO POSSE Remix)
6. Don’t Stop (Remix) feat.DJ TY-KOH, KOHH, SOCKS, DIZZlLE
7. Don’t Stop (WATAPACHI Remix)
8. Errrday
9. BURN UP feat. Tokarev, MONY HORSE
10. Ray-Ban (REMIX)
11. チョーヤバイ (Choyahai) feat.KOHH
12. Love feat.Sequik
13. Double Cup
14. Grillz
15. LIL KOHH – Young Forever (TeddyLoid Remix) (Album Only Bonus Track)