Koda Kumi to Release Summer Collection Album

One of Koda Kumi’s signatures are her summer singles. This summer, she is compiling some of these songs into a summer collection album, titled “SUMMER of LOVE.” Out July 22, the album will have 15 tracks, including 3 new songs. The new songs are titled “EX TAPE”, “NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU”, and “HURRICANE.” Kuu’s official site has clips of “EX TAPE” and “NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU” available. “EX TAPE” is an upbeat urban song, while “NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU” sees her going in a smoother, jazzier direction. Check out the covers for “SUMMER of LOVE” after the jump!


倖田來未「SUMMER of LOVE」CD+DVD盤ジャケット



倖田來未「SUMMER of LOVE」CD+Blu-ray盤ジャケット


CD only

倖田來未「SUMMER of LOVE」CD盤ジャケット