King Gnu to release New Double A-side Single “Sanmon Shousetsu / Senryou Yakusha”

Popular mixture rock band King Gnu have announced that they will be releasing a new Double A-side single titled “Sanmon Shousetsu / Senryou Yakusha” on December 2nd. This will mark the group’s first release of new material since their smash-hit album “CEREMONY”, and their first physical single since 2018’s “Prayer X”.

“Sanmon Shousetsu” has already been picked up as the theme song for the NTV drama “35-Sai no Shoujo”, while “Senryou Yakusha” has been selected as the latest CM track for mobile carrier NTT Docomo. The single’s Limited Edition will come packaged with a Blu-ray disc containing footage from the group’s October 2019 live at the Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall.

Read on below to find previews of both A-sides, as well as the single’s cover and complete track list.

-‘Sanmon Shousetsu / Senryou Yakusha’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Sanmon Shousetsu
  2. Senryou Yakusha
  • Blu-ray (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Hikoutei -Live-
  2. Sorrows -Live-
  3. Anata wa Shinkirou -Live-
  4. Low Love -Live-
  5. It’s a small world -Live-
  6. Vinyl -Live-
  7. Overflow -Live-
  8. NIGHT POOL -Live-
  9. Hakujitsu -Live-
  10. Slumberland -Live-
  11. Hitman -Live-
  12. The hole -Live-
  13. Don’t Stop the Clocks (Acoustic) -Live-
  14. McDonald Romance (Acoustic) -Live-
  15. Bedtown (Acoustic) -Live-
  16. Tokyo Rendez-Vous -Live-
  17. Prayer X -Live-
  18. Flash!!! -Live-
  19. Teenager Forever -Live-
  20. Kasa (Encore) -Live-
  21. Summer Rain Diver (Encore) -Live-

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