Kindan no Tasuketsu Releases PV for “Konya wa Boogie Woogie Night (smooth rap)”

Kindan no Tasuketsu has 2 releases this month. The first is their new EP, “Konya wa Boogie Woogie Tonight 2015 EP.” This was released yesterday. They recently released the video for the EP’s title track. “Konya wa Boogie Woogie Tonight”, as hinted in the title, samples the hip hop classic “Konya wa Boogie Back.” The Scha Dara Parr / Ozawa Kenji original has been covered countless times, by acts such as Utada Hikaru, KREVA, and Kato Miliyah / Shota Shimizu / SHUN. It is now Kindan no Tasuketsu’s turn to pay homage to the song. They brought in up and coming female rapper NOPPAL to help them out on this song. The music video for “Konya wa Boogie Woogie Night” keeps up Kindan no Tasuketsu’s usual quirks, using a sculpture park, an onsen, and a dive bar as settings.

The second release is out May 20. It’s called “Kindan no TSUTAYA Rental Gentai Ban.” As the title indicates, this is a rental release that is only available at TSUTAYA. “Kindan no TSUTAYA Rental Gentai Ban” is composed mostly of previously released songs. There are 2 new songs on it though: “GOGO!! Kung Fu Dance” and “Replicant.” These new songs will also be on their album “The Bladerunner”, which will be out later this year. Kindan no Tasuketsu recently released a trailer for their TSUTAYA rental release. It’s an instrumental piece with an eerie feel and video to match.

Check out the covers, tracklists, and videos for these releases after the jump!

Konya wa Boogie Woogie Tonight 2015 EP

1. 今夜はブギウギナイト (Konya wa Boogie Woogie Night) (smooth rap) feat. NOPPAL
2. 今夜はブギウギナイト (Konya wa Boogie Woogie Night) (nice vocal)
3. 今夜はブギウギナイト (Konya wa Boogie Woogie Night) (Tonya Harding Remix)
4. アニバーサリー (Anniversary)
5. Blue
6. サウンド・オブ・サイレンス feat. みゆ (Sound of Silence feat. Miyu)


Konya wa Boogie Woogie Night (smooth rap) feat. NOPPAL


Kindan no TSUTAYA Rental Gentai Ban

1. とけるんです (Tokerun desu) (alternate ver.)
2. 透明感 (Toumeikan) (album ver.)
3. サン・カムズ・アップ (Sun Comes Up)
4. アナザーワールド (Another World)
5. nemui
6. Pina Colada
7. トゥナイト、トゥナイト (Tonight, Tonight)
8. 真夏のボーイフレンド (Manatsu no Boyfriend)
9. Brand New Order
10. 宇田川の禁断の多数決 (Udagawa no Kindan no Tasuketsu)
11. 水蓮寺・J・さひろ ジンジャークッキー編 (Mizu Hachisu Tera J Sahiro Ginger Cookie Hen)
12. エイジャ 彩 (Eija Irodori)
13. ちゅうとはんぱはやめて feat.泉まくら (Chayu to Hanpa wa Yamete feat. Izumi Macra) (Tomggg remix)
14. 今夜はブギウギナイト (smooth rap) feat. NOPPAL
15. GOGO!! カンフーダンス feat. テンテンコ (GOGO! Kung Fu Dance feat. Tentenko)
16. Replicant