Ken Hirai to Release Two Singles Simultaneously

On May 30, Ken Hirai will release two singles, “Todokanai kara” and “Shiranai ne Desho?” “Todokanai kara” is the theme song for the movie “50 First Kisses”, while “Shiranai ne Desho?” is the theme song for the TV Asahi drama “Mikaiketsu no Onna: Keishichou Bunsho Sousakan.” Each single includes the title track, its instrumental, and three live tracks from Ken’s Christmas concert which was held at Yokohama Arena last year.

Ken recently released the music videos for both songs. In the clip for “Todokanai kara”, Ken, with a pink, glittery beard, appears alongside a female dancing clown. The music video for “Shiranai ne Desho?” has a horror theme, with Ken being followed down a dark road by a mysterious woman. Check out both videos below, along with more information on both of Ken’s new singles!

Todokanai kara


1. トドカナイカラ (Todokanai kara)
2. トドカナイカラ (less vocal) (Todokanai kara (less vocal))
3. 魔法って言っていいかな? (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!) (Mahoutte Itte Ii Kana? (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!))
4. センチメンタル (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!) (Sentimental (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!))
5. 哀歌 (エレジー) (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!) (Elegy (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!))


Todokanai kara (PV)


Shiranai ne Desho?


1. 知らないんでしょ? (Shiranai ne Desho?)
2. 知らないんでしょ? (less vocal) ((Shiranai ne Desho?) (less vocal))
3. キミはともだち (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!) (Kimi wa Tomodachi (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!))
4. Strawberry Sex (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!)
5. ノンフィクション (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!) (Nonfiction (Ken’s Bar 2017 X’mas Special!!))




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