Keisuke Kuwata sings in the street for “Kimi e no Tegami” Music Video

Early last month we reported that veteran singer/songwriter Keisuke Kuwata would be releasing a new single titled “Kimi e no Tegami” on November 23rd.  In the ensuing weeks he has revealed not only the complete track list for this new release, but also published the music video for the lead song to his official Youtube channel.

The video sees the singer performing in a variety of different locations, from the streets of a city during the winter months to a Japanese-style study.  This PV is a direct collaboration between Kuwata and television station WOWOW, with “Kimi e no Tegami” serving as the channel’s 25th anniversary CM track.  Of note, this is both the song’s second tie-in, as it is also serving as the theme song for film “Kin Medal Otoko”, and the second track that Kuwata has provided for WOWOW’s 25th anniversary project following “Yoshiko-san” back in June.

You’ll find the full MV for “Kimi e no Tegami”, as well as the single’s cover, track list, and a look at its Limited Edition right after the jump.


-’Kimi e no Tegami’ Track List-


  1. Kimi e no Tegami
  2. Itazura Sarete
  3. Anata no Yume wo Miteimasu
  4. Menchikatsu Blues

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