Keishi Tanaka to release both a Best Album & Studio Album in 2019

Following a fairly quiet 2018, singer/songwriter Keishi Tanaka has announced that he will be releasing both a compilation and a new studio album this year. The former, titled “CLIPS”, will be released on March 20th, while the longplay – “BREATH” – will be coming in May.

“CLIPS” will be released in a two CD package, with the first disc to contain a selection of songs from Tanaka’s first three albums, while the second will feature a series of collaborations and covers which have not yet seen physical release. Though it is uncertain if “BREATH” will include any of the songs which Tanaka has released this era, it will contain a title track (“Breath”) which has been performed at his recent live shows.

Read on below to find both the cover and complete track list for “CLIPS”.

-’CLIPS’ Track List-

  • Disc 1
  1. Crybaby’s Girl
  2. Just A Side Of Love feat. LEARNERS
  3. Another Way (is so nice)
  4. Floatin’ Groove
  5. Hello
  6. Himitsu no Mori
  7. Kugatsu no Amai Kaori
  8. Wonderful Seasons
  9. Kasa wo Motanai Kimi to Ongaku wo
  10. Fuyu no Ao feat. Ropes
  11. Akogare
  12. Mayonaka no Sakana
  13. I Like It
  14. It’s Only My Rule
  15. Toumeishoku no Cruising feat. fox capture plan
  16. Like Her
  17. Hello, New Kicks
  18. Suteki na Kage no Ketsumatsu
  19. Yoru no Owari
  • Disc 2
  1. Fuyu no Ao feat. Ropes (Studio Session ver.)
  2. Anything You Want (John Valenti cover)
  3. More Today Than Yesterday (Spiral Starecase cover)
  4. Look For The Silver Lining (Chet Baker cover)
  5. Oh Lori (Alessi Brothers cover)
  6. Sekai no Shasou Kara (The Natsuyasumi Band cover)
  7. Humming
  8. Twin Songs feat. TGMX
  9. City Bounce (Keishi Clapin’ mix for Sawagi)
  10. Floatin’ Groove (Manceau remix)
  11. Hello, New Kicks (Kai Takahashi -LUCKY TAPES- remix)
  12. It’s Only My Rule (George -Mop of Head- remix)
  13. Kasa wo Motanai Kimi to Ongaku wo (fox capture plan remix)
  14. Crybaby’s Girl (Nite Own remix)

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