Katori Shingo Works with BiSH, Mukai Taichi, SALU, and More on Debut Solo Album

On January 1, Katori Shingo will release his debut solo album, “2020010.” The album has the theme of “let’s have fun.” “2020010” will feature an array of collaborators, including BiSH, Mukai Taichi, SALU, KREVA, TeddyLoid, Kishidan, yahyel, and WONK. Shingo is also involved in the album’s production.

“2020010” will come in three editions: the limited “Miru BANG” edition, the limited “GOLD BANG!” edition, and the regular edition. The limited “Miru BANG” edition comes with a DVD featuring two music movies, while the limited “GOLD BANG!” edition comes with a bonus remix and a 56 page photobook.

Shingo has released the music video for his Scha Dara Parr collaboration, “Business wa Perfect”, in tandem with “2020010.” Check it out below, along with more information on his album!

Limited Miru BANG! Edition


Limited GOLD BANG! Edition

香取慎吾「20200101」“初回限定・GOLD BANG!”ジャケット

Regular Edition

Shingo Katori “20200101” “Normal BANG!” Jacket


  1. Prologue (feat.TeddyLoid & たなか) (Prologue (feat.TeddyLoid & Tanaka)
  2. Trap
  3. Metropolis (feat. WONK)
  4. welp (feat. 須田景凪) (welp (feat. Suda Keina))
  5. I’m so tired (feat. 氣志團) (I’m so tired (feat. Kishidan))
  6. ビジネスはパーフェクト (feat. スチャダラパー) (Business wa Perfect (feat. Scha Dara Parr))
  7. Neo (feat. yahyel)
  8. 嫌気がさすほど愛してる (feat. KREVA) (Iyakegasasu Hodo Itoshiteru (feat. KREVA))
  9. OKAY (feat. SALU)
  10. 10%
  11. Now & Forever (feat. SONPUB & 向井太一) (Now & Forever (feat. SONPUB & Mukai Taichi))
  12. FUTURE WORLD (feat. BiSH)
  13. 10% (小西康陽 remix) (10% (Konishi Yasuharu remix)) (Limited GOLD BANG! Edition only)

Limited Miru BANG! Edition DVD

  1. Trap (Music Movie)
  2. FUTURE WORLD (feat. BiSH) (Music Movie)