Kanjani∞ as Teachers in new amusing PV “Gamushara Koshinkyoku”

The new single “Gamushara Koshinkyoku” (Reckless March) is the third single in Kanjani8’s 3 month successive release, which dropped last December 3. Currently serving as theme song to “Jigoku Sensei Nube” starring member Maruyama Ryuhei, the song carries a message in Kanjani8’s style and packs in 100% of Kanjani8’s devil-may-care-attitude.

The music video starts off with the members introducing their teacher selves in their own ways to an indifferent class, before everything bursts in commotion. A huge part of the PV was filmed in a long “one take” shot that moves the scene of the group with the students from the classroom, library, hallways and the gym. The single was released in 2 editions. Check out the full PV and single details below.

or watch HERE

Gamushara Koshinkyoku” TRACKLIST


01. Gamushara Koshinkyoku
02. Tsugi no haru desu

[DVD] “Gamushara Koshinkyoku” PV & Making
also includes a complete instruction text by Maruyama sensei that explains the choreography for “Gamushara Koushinkyoku” and members’ “ID picture” sticker


01. Gamushara Koshinkyoku
02. Tsugi no haru desu
03. Cannonball
04. Gamushara koushinkyoku (original karaoke)
05. Tsugi no haru desu. (original karaoke)
06. Cannonball (original karaoke)