KANA-BOON releases pv for “Silhouette”

On November 26, up and coming band KANA-BOON will release their new single “Silhouette.””Silhouette” serves as the 16th opening theme for the TV Tokyo anime series “Naruto: Shippuden.” The single comes in 2 editions: a regular CD only edition and a special limited edition. The limited edition includes the same CD as the CD only edition but it also contains a DVD containing 9 songs from their tour DVD that’s released the same day plus a 2015 calendar. All of this is housed inside a special box. The band has also released the music video for the song. Check out the video as well as more information on these releases after the jump!


Regular Edition


Limited Edition


Front of limited edition box


Back of limited edition box


Front of limited edition calendar


Inside of limited edition calendar

Limited edition live DVD “KANA-BOON MOVIE 0.5 / KANA-BOONのご当地グルメワンマンツアー 2014 “究極の9曲”盤 (KANA-BOON MOVIE 0.5 /KANA-BOON no Gotochi Gourmet One-man Tour 2014 “Kyuukyoku no 9 Kyoku” Record)”



1. シルエット (Silhouette)

2. ワカラズヤ (Wakarazuya)

3. バカ (Baka)


Limited Edition live DVD

1. 1.2. step to you

2. MUSiC

3. ミミック (Mimic)

4. 見たくないもの (Mitakunai Mono)

5. 東京 (Tokyo)

6. 羽虫と自販機 (Hamushi to Jihanki)

7. ウォーリーヒーロー (Wally Hero)

8. 結晶星 (Kesshousei)

9. フルドライブ (Full Drive)


KANA-BOON MOVIE 01 / KANA-BOONのご当地グルメワンマンツアー 2014 (KANA-BOON MOVIE 01 /KANA-BOON no Gotochi Gourmet One-man Tour 2014)

1. 1.2. step to you
2. ワールド (World)
3. MUSiC
4. ミミック (Mimic)
5. 白夜 (Byakuya)
6. クローン (Clone)
7. 夜のマーチ (Yoru no Machi)
8. 見たくないもの (Mitakunai Mono)
9. 東京 (Tokyo)
10. 羽虫と自販機 (Hamushi to Jihanki)
11. レピドシレン (Lepidosiren)
12. ウォーリーヒーロー (Wally Hero)
13. ストラテジー (Strategy)
14. かけぬけて (Kakenukete)
15. さくらのうた (Sakura no Uta)
16. 結晶星 (Kesshousei)
17. 盛者必衰の理、お断り (Jousha Hissui no Otowari, Okotowari)
18. フルドライブ (Full Drive)
19. 生きてゆく (Ikiteyuku)
20. ないものねだり (Naimono Nedari)