KANA-BOON, OKAMOTO’s and Sambomaster for Kanjani8’s new album + new song preview

With the theme of “energy!” (genki), Kanjani8 will be releasing their new album Kanjani8 no Genki ga Deru CD!! on November 11.

In addition to their released singles, new songs were provided by OKAMOTO’S, KANA-BOON, and Sambomaster. The album also features songs written and composed by the members, new unit songs and more.

Included in the album is the track Genki ga Deru SONG written and composed by the members and arranged by Nishikido Ryo. The three unit songs as well as the much talked-about new KING (Murakami Shingo) and Kanjani8 collaborative song “LOVE & KING” are included on the regular edition.

Check out the tracklist, and a preview of their new song Nantoka Naru Sa composed by KANA-BOON below.


Kanjani8 no Genki ga Deru CD!! Tracklist

eito covers

[Limited edition A]
*Special packaging specs
Genki ga Deru PHOTOBOOK ~Natsuyasumi-hen~” included
*Promotion ID enclosed

<Disc 1/CD>
1. High Spirits
Music & Arrangement: Peach

2. Katte ni Shiagare
Lyrics: オカモトショウ/Music: オカモトショウ, オカモトコウキ/Arrangement: OKAMOTO’S

3. Gamushara Koushinkyoku
Lyrics, Music, & Arrangement: Peach/Brass Arrangement: YOKAN

4. Infiniti
Lyrics: Shibutani Subaru/Music: SHIKATA, KAY/Arrangement: 久米康嵩

5. Barintan
Lyrics: Murakami Shingo/Music: Yasuda Shota /Arrangement: 野間康介

6. Tsuyoku Tsuyoku Tsuyoku
Lyrics & Music: 前原利次/Arrangement: Peach

7. Supea Kii
Lyrics: iroha/Music: マシコタツロウ/Arrangement: 大西省吾

8. CloveR
Lyrics & Music: GAKU/Arrangement: Peach

9. Nainai I Love You
Lyrics & Music: 金丸佳史/Arrangement: 久米康嵩

Lyrics & Music: 田中秀典/Arrangement: 野間康介

11. Nantoka Naru Sa
Lyrics & Music: 谷口鮪 [KANA-BOON]/Arrangement: 大西省吾

12. Maemuki Scream!
Lyrics: GAKU, 渡辺潤平/Music: GAKU/Arrangement: 久米康嵩

13. Itta ja nai ka
Lyrics: 宮藤官九郎/Music: 峯田和伸/Arrangement: 大西省吾, Peach

14. Furimuku Wake ni wa Ikanai ze
Lyrics & Music: 山口隆 [サンボマスター]/Arrangement: Peach

15. Genki ga Deru SONG
Lyrics & Music: KANJANI EIGHT/Arrangement: Nishikido Ryo, Peach

<Disc 2/DVD>
Kanjani8 7nin Shugo Genki ga Deru Natsuyasumi in Hokkaido)
Genki ga Deru SONG Production Documentary

☆To bring everyone cheer, first the group will cultivate their talents. The 7 members’ valuable summer trip around the magnificent natural wonders of Hokkaido is documented here, including BBQs, gourmet food, touring, hot springs, and more.
The “Genki ga Deru SONG Production Documentary” for the new tune, where the members each created lyrics and music for after returning from their journey, is also included.

[Limited edition B]
*Special packaging specs
Genki ga Deru PHOTOBOOK ~Undokai-hen~” included
*Promotion ID enclosed

<Disc 1/CD>
※Same content as first-run limited edition A <Disc 1>

<Disc 2/DVD>
Kanjani8 7nin Shugo Genki ga Deru Undokai)”

☆As they return from Hokkaido, the members’ car is suddenly stopped and an unexpected prank project begins!
To increase the sense of unity among the members, they’re divided into units to complete difficult contests with lots of variety elements.
A fun penalty game awaits the team who places lowest in the end!

[Regular edition]
*Good luck cat sticker enclosed (first press only)
*Promotion application ID enclosed (first press only)

<Disc 1/CD>
※Same content as first-run limited edition A <Disc 1>

<Disc 2/CD>
1. my store ~ Kanousei o Himeta Otokotachi  [Maruyama Ryuhei/Yasuda Shota/Okura Tadayoshi]
2. Banana Juice [Yokoyama Yu/Nishikido Ryo]
3.Kawaita Hana [Shibutani Subaru/Murakami Shingo]
4. LOVE & KING [KING feat. Kanjani8]

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