JUJU to sing theme song for ‘Seijo’ starring Ryoko Hirosue

JUJU has been chosen to perform the opening song for upcoming NHK drama ‘Seijo‘. Her new song ‘Last scene’ is about a woman’s emotions, perfectly fitting the atmosphere of the show starring Ryoko Hirosue.

“I was asked to sing the theme song for an NHK for the very first time and I was very happy!” the singer commented to Natalie. “Also for the first time, Ryoko Hirosue is the lead character for an NHK drama. She plays a wicked woman and the story progression for this drama is very anxiety inducing. I simply cannot wait!”

‘Seijo’ starting August 19th with Hirosue playing a woman with a mysterious past who is suspected of being a serial murderer. She reunites with her former student (Nagayama Kento) who she taught during high school days as a home tutor, and they soon become involved in an relationship. Oh, and he’s also the lawyer who defends her in court.

Co-stars include Renbutsu Misako playing Nagayama’s fiancee, EXILE’s Aoyagi Sho playing Nagayama’s elder brother, Tabata Tomoko and Tanaka Yoji playing Nagayama’s colleagues and fellow lawyers and Kishibe Ittoku playing his boss at the law firm.

‘Last scene’ will be released as a single on September 17.