Izumi Macra to Release New Album “Identity”

On September 7, Izumi Macra will release her third album, “Identity.” This is her first released since her single “P.S.” last November. That single is on the album, along with 10 other songs.

Macra has now released the music video “Makura”, for one of the songs off her new album. The laid back hip hop song’s video revolves around a young woman on a solitary night drive. Check it out after the jump, along with more information on Macra’s new album!


1. 時は交差して (Toki wa Kosa Shite)
2. 通学路 (Tsuugakuro)
3. かげろう (Kagerou)
4. ヒロイン (Heroine)
5. 宣誓 (Sensei)
6. 枕 (Makura)
7. ひとりごと (Hitorigoto)
8. P.S.
9. 日々にゆられて (Hibi ni Yurarete)
10. 才能 (Saino)
11. さよなら、青春 (Sayonara, Seishun)