INDEEA releases their first digital single “UREI / DOKUSHO”

Newly formed alternative rock / new wave band INDEEA have made their first single, “UREI / DOKUSHO” available for purchase on Japan’s many digital download services this week.  INDEEA is composed of several talented musicians and composers, including singer/songwriter Ko Nakashima, creative collective Hi-Fi City (best known as the producers/backing band for idol group Especia), and drummer Tomomi Kase.

The band takes inspiration from the sounds of the 80s and the emotionally-charged lyrics of the 90s, naming AOR Fusion, City Pop, New Music, and Vaporwave as some of their primary influences.  For example, “UREI” is inspired by the funkiness in the material of Western bands like The Talking Heads and DEVO, while “DOKUSHO” is meant to be their take on the synthesizer-oriented electropop pioneered by Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Read on below to take a listen to both of these rather intriguing tracks.