Ikimonogakari Are a Wedding Band in the PV for “Love to Peace!”

On November 3, Ikimonogakari will release their new single, “Love to Peace! / Mudai ~Tooku e~.” “Love to Peace!” serves as the theme song for the new TV Asahi drama “Isan Souzoku”, which premieres on October 22. “Mudai ~Tooku e~” is a new version of the song of the same name, which first appeared on the band’s 2004 indie mini-album “Shichishoku Konnyaku.”

Ikimonogakari recently released the music video for “Love to Peace!” In the clip, Ikimonogakari surprises a wedding by being the band for the event. Chaos ensues during their set. Check it out after the jump along with more information on the single!

1. ラブとピース! (Love to Peace!)
2. 夢題~遠くへ~ (Mudai ~Tooku e~)
3. ラブとピース! (Love to Peace!) -instrumental-
4. 夢題~遠くへ~ (Mudai ~Tooku e~) -instrumental-