Hoshino Gen to Release New Single “Koi”

On October 5, Hoshino Gen releases his new single, “Koi.” The song serves as the theme song for his new TBS drama “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu”, which starts next month. The single’s B-sides have tie-ins as well. The first, “Drinking Dance”, is the CM song for House’s “Ukon no Chikara” health drink. It is followed by “Continues”, which is the theme song for SKY PerfecTV!’s coverage of the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

The DVD that comes with the Limited Edition of “Koi” is called “Koi Video.” and features 2 hours of content. The first part of it, “Nise Akira, Ishigaki e Iku”, features Gen’s alter-ego Nise Akira on a songwriting trip to Okinawa Prefecture’s island of Ishigaki. “Koi Video.” also features live footage from Gen’s performance at METROCK 2016 this past May. The DVD also features audio commentary from Gen and his friends.

Check out the covers and tracklist for “Koi” below!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition


1. 恋 (Koi)
2. Drinking Dance
3. Continues
4. 雨音 (House ver.) (Ame On (House ver.))

Limited Edition DVD
恋ビデオ。 (Koi Video.)
・特別番組「ニセ明、石垣島へ行く」 (Tokubetsu Bangumi “Nise Akira, Ishigaki e Iku”)
・「METROCK 2016」ライブ映像 (“METROCK 2016” Live Film)