Horigome Yasuyuki to Collaborate with D.A.N., tofubeats, WONK, and More on New Release

On November 22, former Kirinji member Horigome Yasuyuki will release a new CD titled “GOOD VIBRATIONS.” This release is a collaborative effort, with each of the six songs on the album featuring a different guest. These guests include the likes of tofubeats, WONK, and Kuchiroro.

Yasuyuki recently released the music video for his collaboration with D.A.N., “EYE.” The clip was directed by Yamada Kento, who also directed the music videos for Suchmos’ “STAY TUNE” and Utada Hikaru’s “Boukyaku” featuring KOHH. It’s an eerie video, featuring outdoors scenes and an anonymous nude figure. Check it out below, along with more information on this release!





堀込泰行「GOOD VIBRATIONS」アナログ盤ジャケット

1. EYE + D.A.N.
2. THE FLY + tofubeats
3. バース・コーラス + □□□ (Bath Chorus + Kuchiroro)
4. Beautiful Dreamer + シャムキャッツ (Beautiful Dreamer + Siamese Cats)
5. Dependent Dreamers + WONK
6. エイリアンズ (Lovers Version) + THE NEW SHOES (Aliens (Lovers Version) + THE NEW SHOES)




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