Hitomitoi Announces New Mini Album

On December 10, Hitomitoi will release her new mini album “Pacific High / Aleutian Low.” It will have 7 songs, including the 3 digital singles she released this past summer: “Glass no Summer Holiday”, “Natsu Kosen, Kira.”, and “Toki o Tomete Koi ga Odoru.” Those 3 songs represent the summery “Pacific High” portion of the mini album while the wintery “Aleutian Low” portion of the release is represented by the last 4 songs. One of these “Aleutian Low” songs is a cover of Yumi Matsutoya’s “A Happy New Year.” Collaborators on “Pacific High / Aleutian Low” include Cunimondo Takiguchi (Ryusenkei), Dorian, Kashif, grooveman Spot, Okuda Kensuke (NONA REEVES). Check out the cover and tracklist for this new mini album as well as an audio digest after the jump!

一十三十一「Pacific High / Aleutian Low」ジャケット

1. 硝子のサマーホリデー (Glass no Summer Holiday)
2. 夏光線、キラッ。 (Natsu Kosen, Kira.)
3. 時を止めて恋が踊る (Toki o Tomete Koi ga Odoru)
4. Holy Night Tuxedo
5. Whisper Room
6. 羽田まで (Haneda made)
7. A Happy New Year